Restaurant in the center of Rome with a panoramic terrace

Maritime cuisine in the Italian tradition, enriched by some Roman first courses and some meat main courses


Wine list


Wine list

Eating right, eating better and with greater attention

Combining tradition, innovation and sustainability is the approach chosen by Arianna and Mario. Recipes that are based on traditional flavours and enriched with new and modern elements, the result of deliberate experimentation entrusted to the expertise of our Chefs.

And then, sustainability, with respect for the environment and the search for quality, healthy cuisine. Which starts with the raw ingredients, because in Consolini’s kitchens, using zero km ingredients and following the seasons is fundamental.

Tradition, innovation and sustainability

As well as attention to the origin of an ingredient, where it comes from, how it was grown or bred. This research and care is present in all the dishes on the menu, which caters for the tastes and preferences of every customer, ranging from fish to meat and not forgetting the first courses typical of Roman cuisine.

Special Menù

A menu for every occasion

Ambassadors of the Italian food and wine heritage

We are happy to consider ourselves guardians of the Italian food and wine heritage, which must be innovated but not distorted.