Eat well in Rome, between Aventino, Testaccio and Trastevere

A restaurant in the center of Rome with an impressive location: 4 floors, 3 completely independent catering spaces, 2 terraces with a natural roof garden, 1 American bar, private parking.

The charm of ancient Rome

The San Lazzaro Arch leads to the entrance of the restaurant. A glass floor allows you to admire the warehouses of the ancient river port where jars full of spices and precious perfumes were stored.

At the entrance is the American Bar: here you can order a drink to be sipped inside the fascinating and evocative Caco caves. Legend has it that it was in these caves that Hercules fought and won against Vulcan’s son, Cacus (or Caco).

The roof garden with panoramic terrace

Going up from the American Bar to the second and third floors, in addition to the interior spaces furnished with care and elegance, there is also a special place for guests: the Terrace, which offers a spectacular view of the city, from the Aventino to Testaccio and Trastevere.

On the top floor is the ‘dehor’, another enchanting space, with a natural hanging garden where flavour is enriched by a sensory experience, amidst the green of nature and the blue of Rome’s sky

In the green heart of Rome

4 floors, 1 panoramic terrace, 1 outdoor area with a lush roof garden overlooking the rooftops in the centre of Rome

Private parking

Our restaurant has a free private parking area adjacent to the building that is available to guests.

Naturally unique

A special place at the foot of the Aventine where good food meets history, myth and legend.