What to Eat in Rome: A Guide for Foodies

Eat in Rome

When it comes to Italian cuisine, Rome is undoubtedly one of the gastronomic capitals of the world. If you are wondering what to eat in Rome, you are in the right place. In this guide, we explore the typical dishes you absolutely must try in the Eternal City, and present you with an exceptional culinary destination to satisfy your taste buds.

Roman starters: which one to choose?

Let’s start with appetisers, which are the base from which to start in Rome. You can enjoy the taste of ‘supplì’, crispy and delicious fried rice snacks with a stringy mozzarella heart.

If you are looking for something more refined, you can try ‘carciofi alla romana’, artichoke hearts cooked with herbs. These authentic flavours are just the beginning of your culinary adventure in Rome.

At Ristorante Consolini, the romantic location in Rome overlooking Trastevere, you have a wide choice of aperitifs. You can go from the Bocconcini Galletto in Salsa Than to the Tataki of Seared Spiced Beef Fillet, from the Bao Buns Consolini, or gourmet steamed buns, to the classic prosciutto e bufala.

If, on the other hand, you are a fish lover, you can choose from a fantasy of 5 seafood starters, soutè of mussels, clams and cannolicchi, or even raw fish.

First courses: a must in Rome

Rome is famous for its pasta, and you should definitely try ‘carbonara’ or ‘amatriciana’, dishes that combine simplicity with flavour. The ‘cacio e pepe’ is another classic, with pasta topped with pecorino cheese and ground black pepper.

But you can also choose a pacchero with sea bass, prawns and lemon, a risotto with langoustine cream, strozzapreti with lobster or a lemon and coffee risotto with sea bass tartare.

Each dish is created with care, creating a mix of tradition, innovation and sustainability for healthy, quality cuisine.

Consolini Restaurant

Main Dishes Meat and Seafood

If you love meat, don’t miss the ‘a fillet of larded beef with onion fondue’, a rack of lamb with herb panure and brown fondue, a duck breast, foie gras and raspberry sauce. For seafood lovers, savour the taste of a salt-baked or baked sea bass with pachino mashed potatoes and olives, Catalan-style prawns with citrus fruits or grilled, blackened cuttlefish steak with garlic sauce.

These are just some of the main courses you can find at Ristorante Consolini, a wide choice awaits you every day in the centre of Rome.

The Final Dessert: Tiramisu and Ice Cream

To end your meal in Rome on a high note, you cannot do without ‘tiramisu’, a creamy dessert made with coffee and mascarpone cheese. If, on the other hand, you want something fresh, you can choose assorted ice-cream ornaments, pineapple in natural or maraschino liqueur, or berry cheese cake.

To experience these unique flavours and many more, book a dinner at Ristorante Consolini. Located in the heart of Rome, this restaurant offers culinary authenticity and a cosy atmosphere. With exceptional cuisine and versatile spaces for every occasion, Ristorante Consolini is the perfect choice for those who want a true Roman dining experience. Book now and delight your taste buds in the Eternal City!